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17 October 2009


Britannia Golf Tournament

CCIR-MB organised the first golf tournement at Lac de Verde, Breaza.






To register, contact us directly at

or on
Phone: 0040 21 2221446


Raport pe 2013
TopGradSchool plaseaza Marea Britanie pe locul numarul 2 in lume ca destinatie de studii:

  UK: Graduate Level Country Guide

On paper, the UK's appeal as a place to study can sometimes appear to verge on mystifying. The weather is miserable, its cuisine is roundly mocked by the rest of Europe, it's crowded and it's expensive.

However, this is not enough to keep the international students away. In fact, British Council figures show that the number of international students studying in the UK at graduate level is continuing to rise. In the five years between the 2006-07 and the 2010-11 academic years, the number of taught graduates rose from 134,950 to 178,550, and the number of research students went from 50,525 to 58,345.

"At [graduate level], international students make up the majority in certain subject areas; for example 90% of graduate taught students in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects are international," reveals Pat Killingley, the British Council's Director of Higher Education.

  Elite Universities

Of course, there are plenty of positive factors which cancel out the negative. In terms of music, art, literature, film, and fashion, for example, the UK remains a global superpower. Its long established ties with nations all over the globe means that it offers a lively multicultural milieu, and it remains a political and economic powerhouse.

These factors all help to draw in students, drawn to fashionable London, cultured Edinburgh, the vibrant music scene of cities in the north of England and the charming picturesque historical university towns which pepper the nation.

But while all this helps, a glance at the QS World University Rankings reveals the UK's trump card: its universities. No other country other than the US, which we must remember is considerably larger, can boast greater representation in the rankings. And like the US, the UK can lay claim to a concentration of universities in the top 200, including the ultra-prestigious Universities of Cambridge, one of only three universities to top the ranking, and Oxford.

For the full article please visit UK: Graduate Level Country Guide

Contact Network

Chamber of commerce and Industry Romania –Great Britain (CCIR-MB) is a bilateral organization that promotes business and cultural relations between Romania and Great Britain. We are constantly developing a strong and influent network of members and partners. But we want to be more than just a large business community and so, we provide representation, services, , information and assistance to all members.



Partnerships are the heart of services provided by CCR-MB, offering accredited members and wider community of business, access to expertise, advice and information.

CCIR-MB and accredited members represent a wide range of industries for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), thus creating opportunities for trading partners.



Dear Sirs and Madams,
We are celebrating the 20 year JUBILEE of the first class of the Romano-Canadian MBA Program. It was conceived as a high managerial business that came into being through continuous efforts between governments of Romania and Canada. We would like to extend our invitation to join us on September 14, 2012, Aula A.S.E., ION Angelescu-Piata Romana, 18:00,
"Anniversary Jubilee MBA Romanian-Canadian Program-A.S.E." The Academy of Economic Studies has been our partner from the very beginning of the program. We will be a large group of friends of this MBA program which will gather closer to us, HR &Training representatives from Romanian or international companies interested into become more acknowledged about the advantages of this program for recommend it based on their training needs for development of managerial skills of their employee adapted to their particular strategies on S-E of Europe. The invitations is also available to those willing to enroll themselves starting from this autumn, which will beneficiate of discounts/allowances per Corporate segment policy granted per group/company. For those interested to join in the celebrations please contact Oana Bucur Office Manager Romanian-Canadian MBA Program

E-mail: oana.bucur@bsm-mba.ro
Telefon: 312 97 25, 0724 55 80 90