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Benefits for our members:


Our members are granted access to business contacts which hold the potential for future expansion in various industries. How it works: we facilitate the connection between the products/services that our members can offer and interested companies thus creating new business opportunities

Online visibility

Once a member of CCIRMB your company logo and a description of your activity will be displayed on our website. You will be able to share and receive business news on our site in the form of articles.
You may display the CCIRMB logo on your site and on all official correspondence.

Opportunities for direct marketing and co-marketing

    Take advantage of our network to promote your products and services. We can help you develop your company’s profile by taking part in our events to publicize and advertise.
    To find a supplier or partner send your request via email. You can then choose which companies you want to target and also can limit the number of responses you want to receive.

Special Rates

We negotiate special rates on your behalf for services offered by other member companies. You also receive special rates for our events in Romania and Great Britain.

Participate in events organized by the CCIR-MB in Romania and in Great Britain.

    Keep in touch with what's happening in the market! Be informed and find out what the hotspots on British market are.
    Take part in networking events organized by CCIR-MB.

Professional Development

    Participate at courses and seminars organized by CCiR-MB and its partners.

Legal Advice

    Our experts can provide you with specialist legal advice and can help with problems related to Romanian or British legislation. Breaching the gap between our two major law systems we offer consultancy for contract negotiations.

Accounting Advice

    Our specialists can provide you with professional advice and can clarify tax issues related to Romania or Great Britain.


Step 1. Download the member registration form Here.

Step 2. Fill in out and e-mail it to us or send it by fax at

    E-mail: contact@ccir-mb.ro

    Fax: 004 021 232 99 99

    Phone: 004 021 222 66 01

Step 3. One of our representatives will contact you shortly to finalise your membership registration.
We advise that you read our “Membership guide” as it contains all the detailed information on membership benefits and the annual fee.


    Our one time registration fee is 50€ and covers registration costs*.

    * Registration fee has be waived until 30.12.2012.

    Membership fees are detailed in the Membership Guide.

    Personal data confidentiality policy.

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