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Oportunitati de afaceri

Property for sale (July 2010)

Situated in Voluntari, a 3-beds house is ideal for merging the busy business life with a quiet private life in Bucharest. Call for details 021 2221446.

See photos:



Romanian Investment opportunities (July 2010)

1) Shipyard on the Danube River. Located on the Pan-European corridor No. 7.

2) Office building 1 floor Underground+1 ground floo +10 stories – center of Bucharest

3) Sturgeon f ish farm – 300 hectares

4) 41,200 hectares farm near Mangalia, Black Sea

5) Small refinery – 180,000 t/month. Can be extended. South of Romania near Galati City Port.

6) Hotels in Eforie Nord, Black Sea Resort – 3 hotels ground floor+10 stories each + SPA world known. Includes 2 hotels newly refurbished.

7) Two modern clinics in Bucharest residential areas

8) Wood processing plants (in liquidation)

9) Farms (agriculture)

10) Various plants undergoing relocation from Bucharest city to outskirts, with high value land in the city

11) Furniture plant, in liquidation

12) Large areas of agriculture land various locations

13) Office building in Bucharest, with ongoing rental contracts

Contact for details or call 0040 21 2221446


Opportunities from China

Paint industry opportunity. Contact or 021 2221446. See details here .



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